garden planning

Garden of Blues is a tribute to the many greens that have soothed us. It echoes the apple orchards of Grantchester, the rose and peony gardens of Cambridge University, the British hill stations in Perak, and Darwin’s greenhouse at Murray Edwards.

The visual design of our garden is modelled on “Islamic” ones. They come in many forms, one of which is the layout of four garden beds divided by two intersecting rivers. Garden of Blues is without a linear perspective, a mimicry of Mughal paintings. Islamic gardens of course also existed in, Europe perhaps most famously in Alhambra.


Given that Malaysia is often left out of the “traditional” Islamic (and Arab) world and that Honduras hosts a large community of Palestinians, we thought it’d be interesting to think about these two geographies through the genre of Islamic garden miniatures.

The flatness of the garden looks like a map. Perhaps the gridiron layout imitates the colonial town plannings of Tegucigalpa, Taiping, and Cambridge MA?