pacing the web

The Garden was trimmed during the summer of 2020. This was a moment when everyone desperately scrambled together a website, moved exhibitions online, experimented with Internet galleries and fairs, etc. Basically, the Internet became even more of a market space.

full width imageblack pepper from an uncle’s garden

Rodrigo is nostalgic about that time when the Internet was still new, not full of noisy advertisements, cookies, endless fees, recommendation mechanisms, etc. The visuals and ad revenue motivation is aimed to make us stay online and also on a website for as long as possible. When it was mostly weirdos (?), nerds, etc. and you could roam around the corners in peace.

With the crowded busy business Internet in mind, and even more so now (lockdown, etc.), perhaps the slow pace of Garden of Blues asks us if we want to continue using the Internet in a “distracted,” 10-seconds-on-each-website way.

Chuco even said, the Garden appeals to your attention in a different way than HD 3D visuals and renderings. There’s something soothing and appealing about clicking the small flowers and nothing happening. It’s so different from the hectic atmosphere of the web.